ID150 Contract Profitability – Lifetime totals

Lifetime totals are grouped by Parent Customer therefore client must set up customers in the parent/child relationships for the Lifetime totals to work. The "Parent" company is put on the contract as the customer - not the ‘bill to’, but the actual contract customer.


The "Lifetime" totals on the report include all the history for that Customer and Contract that they have in e-automate thru the day the report is run. However the RQ totals on the contract level of the reports are as of the last "full" month. So they will find a discrepancy between "Lifetime" numbers and the contract totals (assuming the contract is no more that two years old) due to any billing/expenses incurred in the current month. 

Analytics updates every night, and all Lifetime numbers use the data up to "today"...but all the Rolling Numbers (RQ, RHY, RY etc) do not pull in data from the current month.

Alert 459 will check to make sure that the analytics were updated in a certain amount of time as set in variable W.

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