ID150 - 'evergreen' vs. 'renewals'

the 'contract' profitability reporting faced some struggles due to the different methods of 'evergreen' vs. 'renewals'. In evergreening contracts, there is no renewal so the contract number never changes and profitability on that contract number is clean and easy.
In renewals however, each 'renewal' generates a unique contractnumber (ie: 112345-1, 112345-2, 112345-3, etc...). In reporting tools, you group data by a common field (contract number, customer number, zip code, contract type, technician, etc), and so if we were to group on the full contract number in eautomate, then you would never get a complete picture of the entire contract. So eautomate splits the contract number displayed and stored in the system in a 'Contract Major', and that contract Major# is the set of characters that should be common thru all the 'renewal revisions' [-1, -2, -13, etc).
So in order to try and make this report work for all clients regardless of whether they evergreen OR renew...we have the report Grouping (totalling ) in a hierarchy of ParentCustomerNumber / Contract Major / ContractNumber. If your company renews contracts using the renewal process every year, then the contract major would represent the totals across all the different renewed contract numbers...basically contract major is your profitability on the entire contract.
Contract Number profitability is the profitability of the specific complete contract number...or each renewal cycle.

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