ID150 - Output explained (ID768)

This is the new ID150 custom report. It is a profitability report not ’Contract’ profitability (Contract Minor - See #2 below) . It could be just a contract profitability, but we built it to really be an ‘account’s contracts’ profitability (Contract Major  See #8 below) . It sums up all of a customers contracts(using your applicable report filters) to give you a more complete service picture. We found that a straight up contract profitability report could lead to some inaccurate conclusions when you factor in renewals, terminations, multiple contracts for different services across one account..etc.


#1-The last time your analytics data was refreshed. Your data in this report is only accurate to this date!

#2-This is the number of surveys customers replied to in the reporting period and their NPS score for you.

#3-This is the customers margin for the selected period and for the contracts that meet the report criteria you selected.

#4-Finds the first contract start date for the customers entire history.

#5-Total count of destinct active equipment for ALL active contracts.

#6-This is the Customers Lifetime margin for ALL contracts billed in eAutomate.

#7-The Lifetime numbers here in the Customer Level represent ALL contract related revenue/costs on ALL contracts for the Customer, not just the filtered contracts that appear on this report.

#8-The contract major level of the report represents the totals (for the selected period and the lifetime) for all contracts that have the same contract number (prefix to the revision #) and we show the count of Active contract revisions for this Contract Major# and the Contract Major period are the total for all revisions and the selected reporting period...and the Lifetime are the total for all the revisions for all revenue/cost billed in EAutomate.

#9 Here you can see pages billed versus shipped, ID900 is an eView coming soon to allow you to drill in to these details.


**Please note, if the Cost Supplies column does not equal the total of Cost Supplies Color + Cost Supplies BW then you have items coded with a supplies service code and no usage limit meter type set.**


We have built the customer contract profit report to accommodate a process whereby your service managers could look at a small/manageable slice of their worst performing contract customers (See, sit with sales and decide what (if any) actions need to be taken to bring the account into the black, and create an action plan note on the contract and set a ‘next review’ snooze date (See so that the contracts will not show up on the worst performing again until after that ‘snooze’ date, and then only if it’s still in an unprofitable state.

It’s really designed to be a ‘Contract Customer’ profitability so that your always evaluating the customers overall performance even if you filter down to only selected contract types etc.  So the ‘Period’ numbers are always the ‘filtered contracts’…but the Customer Lifetime is the total of ALL contracts billed thru eAutomate regardless of any ‘ContractTypes’ you filter the report on.  Reasoning is if we showed only Totals for the contracts selected..then client is not evaluating the complete picture and will not have enough information to make an informed decision…

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