Entering Action Plan & Snoozing Contracts (ID768 / ID150 / ID560 / ID758 / ID773 / ID560)

See here for details on running the custom report and parameters available.

For the March 2013 version of this alert we are try to improve the process for reviewing unprofitable contracts. We often see our alert send 100 pages of contracts losing money and our clients are overloaded and do not know where to start.

The latest version of ID150's SSRS Report, where you choose how many contracts to see, makes it easy to start by focusing on the bottom worst offenders. Once these contracts have been identified we suggest you put together an action plan to fix them and a date to review if the action plan has been successful. We will then store the Action Plan on the contract and put a date for review, we then will stop telling you about this contract until the "Snooze Date" has passed.

There are some additional information we need to track which is entered when you run the report. 

Custom Property Name. Custom Property name of the attribute created (by Juice) to track the snooze date. (ZCJProfitAlertSnooze make sure your subscription of this alert matches this custom property exactly, otherwise the alert will ignore the snoozed contracts if not set exactly the same.)

**Default for ID768/Worst Profitable Contracts & ID773/Worst Profitable Contract Customers is ZCJProfitAlertSnooze** Please also note because this is a Customer Level Report, you will need to snooze at Parent Level (if one exists) for alert to effective "snooze" needed contracts **

**Default for ID758/Biggest Toner Problems is ZCJTonerSnooze**


Include Snoozed Contracts - We give you the option when you run ID150 to show these snoozed contracts.
Show only bottom worst customers - Focus on these guys 1st

NoteType Use a consistent NoteType to store the Action Plan and specific that Note Type when you run our contract profit report and we will include the note. The note is recorded in the notes section on the contract. This is the notes button shown at the bottom next to the paper clip.



1. Add a note

2. Pick the correct note type (we should have this set up for you)

3. Add your action plan, the text will scroll


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