ID542 - Validate Contract Base Rates against Meter Group Coverage

ID542 : 

Ever lost money because someone changed a Contract Billing Cycle from Monthly to Quarterly without also changing the Contract Base Rate to match? This alert will compare the ratio of Contract Base Rate to the sum of all Meter Group coverages (coverage * overage amount/click) and alert you if the ratio is less than VariableW or higher than VariableX. There must be some direct relationship between the Meter Group coverage and the Base rate, but if there is then this alert should advise you when someone changes the Billing Cycle incorrectly or if the contract is set up incorrectly in the first place.

Note: This alert does not support tiered base rates (cost-per-click for first X # of pages is different from cost-per-click of next Y # of pages, etc)

Note: If you want the ratios to be reciprocal (to trigger on the same variance in either direction), make sure you do the math correctly. 0.67 = 2/3, the reciprocal is 3/2 = 1.50.
VariableY allows you to also trigger on contracts which have a Base rate set but have zero covered copies, if that is not a common practice for you.

Sample Output:


The Base Amt/Month is the monthly base charge you have set on the contract.  The Monthly Allowance is covered copies * rate on meter group.  The variance is the percentage amount that the customer is potentially being over or under charged.  In this example the customer is being charged 53% more than what they 'should' be based on the monthly allowance and base amounts.  The ratio column in this example is 1.5 which is another way of looking at the over or under charged amount.  So the customer is being charged 1.5 times more than they 'should' be.  

After a contract triggers it will not show again unless rates are changed and they still fall within the parameters you have set with your variables.  The theory is that we want to let you know that if a competitor walks in to your customer they may have an opportunity to offer them lower pricing but once we alert you about that we assume you either made the appropriate changes or that you want the contract to remain as-is and therefore we won't keep bugging you about it.

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