Response when Your Customer Requests to Opt Out of the Surveys

When your customers choose to opt out of our service call survey, we suggest the following template come from a Manager or Owner. This is a manual response as we feel all Opt Outs need some “eyes” on them before responding.

"Thank you for submitting feedback on your recent service call.  We received your request to opt out from future emails, and are happy to accommodate your request.  We send these emails to confirm that our system shows all work completed with no open items on this call. If we need to come back with a part for example, you would not receive an email.  We do not expect a response on every email, however if you have a moment to tell us how we are doing, or a specific event warrants it, feedback is greatly appreciated, but not required. The email goes to the person who places the service call, so you would not be emailed unless it was you that placed the call. 

We appreciate all feedback, as it helps us to continue to improve our level of customer service.  We do understand that people are trying to cut back on emails, if you still wish to opt out simply reply directly to me and I will make the change.

Thank you again, and we appreciate your business."

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    Juice Support

    Added the following line as many comments were saying that I'm opting out as it's not usually me placing the call.


    This email goes to the person who places the service call and we confirm contact on each call so you would not be notified unless it was specifically you that placed the call.

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