ID109 - Managing Survey Questions

We now allow you to manage your own survey questions however we are happy to continue to do it for you.

PLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGING SOME QUESTIONS WILL BREAK REPORTS. For our closed call survey, the "how likely are you to recommend", "Rate our Technician overall" and "rate dispatch overall" need to stay in their current format.

For a list of questions you may want to drop, see here.

Log into our website and on the left hand panel click on Surveys / Administer Surveys


Click the blue hyperlink of the survey you want to update

Scroll down to questions, and click 'edit' to make changes to a question


1. You can change the sort order to change the order the questions will be displayed. However since the Survey Dashboard has statistics on how questions are answered we suggest that if you want to change more than the Text or sort order you make the question inactive and add a new question.

2. The Target Rank is where we alert you just when questions have a certain answer rather than sending you all Survey Responses. To be alerted when a Yes/No question is answered Yes enter a target of 2, to be alerted when it is answered no enter 1. A scale of zero to ten question with a target of 7 will alert on 7 and under, so zero through seven.

If a customer rates you 10 out of 10 and does not enter and comments perhaps you don't need an alert! We would still store the results just not send you an email, this is a good option if you get lots of responses per day.

To just get targeted responses go to 109 in our /alerts site and remove ALL from variable Z.

3. You can use Question Type to use Smiley Faces for selection, rather than a 1-10 rating or YES/NO (FYI this feature can not be used on the NPS question as it is not a YES/NO question):




Email with any additional questions.

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