ID109 - Survey Results Dashboard Overview

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Here is an overview of our survey dashboard.

See this link for what % response to expect. 

You login from our subscription site at

Once logged in you will see a link to Survey Dashboard:



NOTES - This dashboard excludes test responses. All survey dates are based on the date the survey is created and not the date it is answered.

This is the 1st screen


1 Shows you what survey data we have in our system

2 Lets you choose the date range to look at

3 If you have multiple surveys going you can select all or just one here.

4 Hit Apply to see updated results




1 - Shows survey requests sent for the date range you picked

2 - Shows total responses

3 - Is unique email, the number of different people who responded

4 - People who clicked the survey link but never finished, maybe you have too many questions

5 - The people who have never responded to a survey request, click Details to see this list

6 - The number of contacts who chose to opt out in that period that were not already opted out


1 Click by the column header to sort

2 See multiple requests to the same contact by sorting by Email



Click View Details under the NPS section


1 Click Details again to see the complete survey with all questions. 


Additional options on Dashboard for NPS by Year and Survey Scores by Month:



Sample output of NPS by Year:



 Sample output of Survey Results by Month:


Note the color key on bottom showing questions from survey.


Liking Comments:


 See how many have been 'liked'


option to include the question



NPS Benchmarks: 




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