ID312 ID630 Prompt to add category to survey install

We are not getting a lot of traction with our equipment install survey and I believe it is because it is not fully automated. I am looking for feedback as to how we can improve this.

We designed this survey so you could have several versions (one for a new customer one for existing) and we allow you to pick the person who should be surveyed by attaching a category to that contact in eAutomate. However people have to remember to do that so we are looking at additional alerts.

My thought is that a few days after they are trained is the right time to survey. Most mid to small dealers have the sales person train, but whoever trains there should be a process to inform the trainer that the customer is ready to be trained. Would you use sales order status to identify when it's time? Or is dispatch supposed to remember and prompt sales.

Ideally we could have a process where dispatch (or someone) is prompted to update the sales order status, then our system would prompt (and continue to prompt each day) for the contact to be linked to a survey, while also providing the information needed to determine if it is a new install, existing customer, etc.

Thoughts and feedback please.

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