Should we only survey every 90 days instead of asking after every Service Call

We often get asked if surveying after every call is too much and if we should only survey every X days.

Rather than asking your customer to respond to a survey request, the email is designed to be a "checking to see if we fixed it" request. Get your team used to referring to this email as a "confirmation that the equipment is working okay," rather than a survey request. Your customer has the option to respond if something warrants it or can just delete it if everything is okay.

Phrased this way, we have customers who are happy to receive an email multiple times per day, see here for an auto responder we suggest for those who want to opt out.

Customers may not remember what happened three or four calls ago. Just asking for feedback every X days means you may miss the one occasion when something noteworthy happened.

Try to have the survey language reinforce this. The current language we suggest to achieve this is:


Hi Heidi, 

Our technician, John Doe, recently repaired Equipment ID 11650 (your Lanier G618). 

We show this call as complete with no open items. We would like to confirm that the equipment is working to your satisfaction. If not, please reply to this message and someone will respond within the day to go over your concerns. Your feedback is always appreciated. Your input helps us improve our processes and the level of service you receive.
To provide feedback, please take a moment and click on the link below with any comments/suggestions. You may also use this same link if you no longer wish to receive these follow up emails.
Please note:
Although you will receive a notification for each completed service call, it is NOT expected for you to send comments / ratings every time. This is a tool for you to notify us when we are doing something noteworthy (good or bad).
Thank you for your business. It is most appreciated.

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