Customers who don't want to give an email (ID188) (ID886)

For clients who want to survey as many customers as possible we have an additional process to see how many emails are being missed.

Similar to ID188 which is a summary of service calls and contacts linked, ID886 will summarize the same for Sales Orders with a contact/email linked. We will show how many orders did/did not have a contact with an email linked. We also show who the "Creator" was so you can see who is effective at getting emails. Emails on orders are important for a few alerts i.e. ID220 surveys a supply order, ID200/216 updates your customers when supply orders are placed/shipped.

Alert ID188 is a daily summary showing the calls that did send a survey request and the calls that could have but were missing emails.

In addition this report can track the customers who did not want to give an email. Dispatch will still have to create the contact (if it doesn’t already exist), but dispatch will not get alerted that a contact wasn't created on that call (alert ID87).


It’s a similar process to opting out a contact except instead of adding the category “Do not Survey”, you enter -decl- after the existing Contact Number. -decl- in the Contact Number field will show up as part of the "declined to give email address count."You can also add -3rd- to the end of the Contact Number for 3rd party contracts so you don't send a survey or keep requesting contact info from another vendor that you are the servicing dealer for. -3rd- in the Contact Number field will show up as part of the "service call without contact count."

To clarify adding -decl- to the contact number is a visual aid so dispatch will know not to continue to ask for an email. It will show on ID188 summary and we will not chase dispatch to link a contact with ID87. To Opt a Contact out from receiving emailed survey requests you still need to add a category.

We are looking at expanding this to where we delete this entry after some time (1 year?) so you can check back and see if the contact now has an email or is willing to provide one.



If you put in the Contact Number field -decl- or -3rd- after the Contact #, then dispatch can see this and won't repeatedly ask for an email. Make sure not to delete or change the Contact # when doing this and you just add -decl- or -3rd- after the existing Contact Number. This keeps the field unique to that contact.

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