Viewing survey results

Survey results are available many ways.

  1. An automated email with a PDF is sent within 30 minutes of the customer hitting 'submit' with their responses, this can be configured to only be sent based on how the question is answered.
  2. We push the results to a survey dashboard, overview here.
  3. We send a weekly email with all results ID394.
  4. We push the results back into eAutomate and provide a custom report you can run on demand ID734. 
  5. Monthly Net Promoter Score (NPS) brochure ID470.
  6. We provide an eView to view results, ID695.
  7. Monthly summary on top 3 questions, rate dispatch, rate tech and NPS 'How likely are you to recommend...'.  
  8. As our results are in eAutomate, many CRM integrators can push those results in to CRMs like Compass, MSCRM, SalesChain etc. (SalesChain has created an interface to show survey responses. You just need to open up read access to the CEOJuice database on your SQL Server for SalesChain)                                                                                                                       

To see a list of surveys available log in to and select the Tag  "Surveys".

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