ID151 SSRS - Meter Reading Source Analysis Breakdown Overview & Sample

This report is to help analyze the meter sources (Fax/eInfo/Phone/FM Audit/Estimate/etc) used for Billed Meters for the last # of months specified in VariableW. This report analyzes all meter readings and segregates out analysis of readings used for billing. Estimated meter must be flagged as such in order for alert to categorize as estimated.

Your SSRS Report filter will automatically populate with months back listed in VariableW of your subscription. Alert will fire on 1st of each month containing report and SSRS Report can be run on demand as needed. (Fires on the 1st each month because it is meant to compare this month to last month; therefore, it is most meaningful when run on the first day of the month to see if meter collection was better/worse this month vs. last month.



Meter Sources will populate based on active meter sources you have in eAuto (Under Tools/Lists & Codes/Meter Sources:


Concurrent Estimate: a Billed, Estimated Reading following a previous Billed, Estimated Reading (no 'real' billed meter reads in between'). If your last four invoices have billed from Estimated reads your Concurrent Estimate count for that meter is ''4'.

(It is a structured qualitative metric - it's a weighted average metric where 'second, third and fourth' consecutive estimates have a greater impact than a lone estimation. So if you only did meter reads on one machine this month, a B\W model, and this month you billed a third consecutive estimate, the math goes 3 (weighted consecutive estimate) / 1 (# of billed estimates for the month) = 3 for Billed Meter Effectiveness. The closer you get to '1'the better your score.)


Shows by UserID who entered meter used for Contract Billing:


Drill down to see details:


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