ID564 - Metered Equipment for selected Category missing related Supply items

Client needs to be sure that the necessary related supply items are associated to all the equipment under contract they sell supplies for.  VariableW is the list of categories (separated by comma) that you want this alert to validate.  Enter Yes or No in VariableX to indicate if the alert should only validate on Metered Equipment records. (No would mean check all active contract equipment, Yes means check only metered active contract equipment.)

Supply items are determined by checking  any related items 'Service Code Category' is assigned to 'S' for supply item. So this alert assumes you are associating a service code to all your supply items and that the service code category is properly assigned as (P)art or (S)upply

What this alert is attempting to do is identify any Host equipment that does not have any Supply items related...which means the customer service reps taking supply orders from customers select the equipment and the expect to see the related supply items for that machine so that they do not have to 'guess' right?
It gets tricky on how we identify supply items, so the most common denominator we used assumes your assigning Service Codes to your supply items (ie: 'Supply Items") and that you have set that Service Code's 'category' to Supply. (When you create service codes for items, you have to indicate if the items using that code are a Part or a Supply...this is also how all of eautomates profitability reports break out Supplies and Parts, using this same logic).

We tried to not tell you about scanners, software, etc (non-metered equipment) assuming that you very seldom sell supplies on those type of Host we only show you Metered Items in the item category(s) you specify in variableW and if they are under a contract (or not) depending on what you specify in VariableX.
It's real fuzzy logic that we can't nail down to an exact science because of all the possible variables clients might use to identify supply items, so we went with the eautomate logic on the service code assigned to the items and if find a Host metered item in the category you specify that does not have any Supply items related, then we report it.

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