ID543 - Potential Obsolete Item (per ID500) has been ordered on PO Overview & Sample

ID543 looks at Purchase Orders that have any items on them that are at risk of becoming obsolete (based on decreasing volume trends for the model associated with the item per ID500), where you may already be carrying more inventory than you should be.

When you receive this alert the first thing you should do is check to see if the item can be transferred from another warehouse. If it can, then cancel the item on the P.O. Also research to see if the items being ordered are restock items. If they are then it's possible the items min/max need to be updated. The clicks for this model are decreasing so the inventory stock has to also. Why pay for something that you may have to sell off the remainder of your stock anyway?

**If the item is left on the PO, please be aware that the alert will continue to fire on the item until the PO is closed. Updating the item stocking code and/or updating the min/max levels on the item will not cause the alert to stop.**

Please note: The alert doesn't consider recent usage, it's looking at inventory level trends compared to clicks-on-contract trends at the model level, and letting you know of items where overall inventory levels for those models are already too high in comparison. You're always going to have outliers where current usage is running high because more of your MIF are hitting yield or PM thresholds, but the purpose of the alert is 'inventory levels high, use existing if you can find it.'


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