What is the difference between ID696 & ID348

ID696 is used to track equipment installs on service calls. ID348 is used to track equipment installs on sales orders.

In ID348 it looks at the sales order status and notifies the sales rep when it changes. This alert will include the most recent note on the sales orders and include 2 variables (X & Y) based on the custom properties you set. i.e. when the equipment has arrives, when it is scheduled for delivery, etc.



ID696 looks at service calls for equipment installs. Since you can't assign a sales rep to a service call, this alert uses the JOB functionality to notify the rep. You assign the rep as the contact to your company within the job that you assign to the work order. Assign the customer within the job also. Install type calls should be assigned a a special Call Type with the Call Type Category set for Install/Pickup. This way they don't get tracked in your service call numbers. It helps to keep a common character for the special Call Types with the Call Type Category set to Install/Pickup. i.e. I/P Install & Pickup, I/P Install, I/P Pickup, etc. I/P being the common character so it's easy to distinguish actual calls from installs or pickups.

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