ID566/ID673/ID684/ ID692 - Set Up & Overview

These alerts monitor Equipment which have been assigned a certain Condition or Status  (or Conditions or Statuses) in the Equipment Record. It will trigger and advise you of any Equipment which has been left in that Condition/Status for more than a certain # of days. There are two alerts of each type, so that you can monitor two sets of Equipment with different parameters.  

 Sample Output contains Sales Rep, Status, Customer Name, Equipment Number, Model, Condition, Date on Status, Days, Var1 Attribute, VarY Attribute, VarZ Attribute, as shown below:  


Variables: When subscribing, here's what we need to make the alert work.:

VariableW - The Conditions (not the Condition/Status Description) you want the alert to monitor, please separate individual entries with a comma

VariableX - When the alert should trigger, i.e. X # of days after the Equipment has been set to the given Condition or Status

VariableY, VariableZ, Variable1 - Some clients create Custom Properties at the Equipment level to record information e-automate doesn't supply a convenient place for, for instance whether the Eqp is monitored by a Data Collection Agent such as FMAudit, or the name of the third-party dealer responsible for providing service and supplies. If you use such Custom Props, this alert has the option to display them in the alert output. Set these variables to the name(s) of the Equipment level Custom Property you wish to display, if any.

Variable3  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL



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