ID533 - Auto Invite to eInfo Overview & Sample:

Getting your customers to place orders and calls online can save a lot of effort for everyone. Ensuring they understand how to use the online site (eInfo) will improve your success rate. This alert will send a welcome email to new contacts* that are set up and given eInfo rights** to one or more customers.  This email will include the new contact's email/user ID and eAuto Customer Number along with an embedded link to the eInfo website. (Note, if you are using the "Move Equipment" feature of eInfo use Juice alert ID465)

*This alert will send to any contact that meets these criteria:

  • Contact is Active
  • Contact is marked eInfo Enabled, if eAuto version supports that feature at the contact level.
  • Contact has eInfo permissions against some customer record. (Regardless of how many customers they already have eInfo permissions with, since there is no way to tell from inside eAuto whether they KNOW they have eInfo permissions or are using them.)
  • Contact has email address
  • At least one of the above changes occurred since the last ID533 firing.

Contacts who lost eInfo permissions less than six months ago and have them re-established will NOT get a new email, if the alert has already sent an email to that contact.

Please note ID533 will only send 1x to contact created, but what is considered a new contact is any contact newly assigned to a customer record. 

**Our ID533 process assumes you front-load the contacts, setting them up with specific permissions and THEN our automation sends them an invitation to establish their account. So when you use ID533 you set up the contact first, or re-visit an existing contact to set e-info permissions, and the automation senses this and sends them an invitation to link into the portal. (Please note that updating eInfo rights for a user on the customer record will not trigger the alert to send, you must make your updates on the contact record.)

Please note: This alert looks at the previous 7 days of new contacts created and given eInfo rights. The first time the alert is triggered it is picking everything up, but from that point forward it knows which ones it has already triggered off of and won't duplicate. HOWEVER, if any changes/edits/etc are made to a Contact Record and the alert hasn't sent an invite in the last 6 months, then another email invite will be sent to the contact as that typically is an indication that something has changed.

While in test mode, alert is limited to sending only 3 samples per day. Once alert is moved to live mode, we don't normally clear the previous test runs and will start "going forward".  

What your customer contact will see:

New contacts created will receive the following email and link for registration (optional, you can also add an attachment):


2nd sample

 *If the einfo link and Customer # are missing from the email, it's because it hasn't been entered in e-auto under Tools/Options/Misc Options.


To register/create account your client will be directed to this screen. Customer needs to enter his/her contact info and company number (company number is imperative. If client enters their customer name, it will have to be exactly as customer name entered in eAuto.)



eInfo Set Up

eAuto and eInfo Set Up

What your organization needs to set up in eAuto and eInfo prior to launching this alert:

(1) eAuto Set Up in Tools / Options / Misc Options:

(a) eInfo URL:


(b) Default permissions for eInfo users:






These global default security settings will automatically be assigned to each of your eInfo users created via eInfo. Any contacts created in eAuto will need to have security settings checked otherwise they will not receive invitation from ID533.


(2) eInfo Set Up:

Access your eInfo configuration via your web hosting server. You will see box named “Configure Gateway”



Inside this configuration you must set up as follows (check first three boxes in Dealer Signup Settings: 

  1. Sign Up
  2. Enable immediate sign up
  3. Send notification for all sign ups (this notification is to your dealership, not to client contact) – be sure to include email address this notification goes to


Here are instructions from eAuto on how to set up notice of eInfo registered users:

In the Dealer signup settings region, you configure how you want e-info to handle the creation of new e-info user accounts.

1. If you want to allow users to create a new account from the e-info homepage, check the Allow signup checkbox.
2. If you want the new users to be able to login to e-info immediately after they have created their account online, check the Enable immediate signup. If you leave this box unchecked new users created online, must contact their admin to activate their account. If the customer does not have an e-info admin, they must contact your company to activate the new user account(s).
3. If you would like to receive an email each time a new user is created, do the following.
a. Check the Send notifications for all signups checkbox.
b. In the Signup notification email field, enter the email address to which you want notification to be sent each time a new e-info user account is created.

And here is sample of email notification your dealership will receive:



Once you are signed up for this alert, you will receive an email where you can customize your intro letter that will go to your customers. This intro letter will be the same for each customer contact. You can provide this intro letter to us in any format you create in (i.e. Word, PDF, notepad). We do not have a boiler plate or sample as this will need to be customized by you based on your best practices and branding. Please see below for screenshots of eInfo instructions provided by one of our clients:


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