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There is a 15 minute overview of our closed call survey here.

One of our most popular processes is our closed call survey and it is available as a standalone service. This is a fully automated process where we survey after every service call, we average a 20.7% response rate so we are getting you a response on 1 in 5 calls on average.

The responses are emailed within 15 minutes of your customer submitting the survey. The responses are routed based on the answers. If “Have sales contact me” is answered Yes, we check in the e-Automate customer file to see who the sales person is, if “Did our tech call before arriving” is answered No we can email that tech and his manager, you could also choose who we should email if the question "Would you be interested in putting your printers under service with us" was answered Yes.

We provide a process for measuring customer satisfaction and a Dashboard where you can see survey results and your Net Promoter Score.

We charge an annual fee of $1,000, cancel anytime. Program includes 5 tasks, an ondemand report and an eView. more here.

How the closed call survey works here
The process for measuring customer satisfaction here
Understanding survey results here
Process to get started here



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