2012 Road Map

Below is our Road map for 2012, we encourage you to give us feedback as to our priorities.

  1. Currently when you subscribe to an alert we have to connect to your system and manually install the alert. When we upgrade an alert to a new version we again have to manually install that new version. We tend not to rush out new releases to everyone in case there are additional changes, there are some minor changes that we never get to everyone as they are not worth the effort. We have two full time people doing this now. Our number one priority this year is to fully automate this and we hope to finish by April.
  2. We are building a process to automate entering yields for clients. Getting yields entered is time consuming and delays some of our best ROI processes, Parts Warranty/Excessive Toner Usage. We hope to complete this in Q1.
  3. Alert Logging. We want to be able to alert you if an event has not run within an expected time frame. Some alerts we would expect to run daily, others once a month etc. The plan is to avoid the "I haven't seen this run lately" message 2 months after an alert died for some reason. This requires us to update every alert for every client so we are waiting until our Auto Update process is in place.
  4. EA version 8 and a new set of Analytic Tables are a major project for us in Q1/Q2. We hope to have this complete by end of May.
  5. We are (in theory) now able to add an eInfo link on our emails. When we send an email about a past due balance we can include a link to launch them direct into their eInfo account. Expect to see this in late Q1 / early Q2 and we plan to expand it to meter collection.
  6. The Net Promoter Score has had a major impact for clients. We are expanding NPS data to include it in our Juice+ Service Dashboard, ID258 Account Review Report and ID150 Contract Profit Report. We are also focused on alerts to turn "Detractors" in to "Promoters". Expect all this to be complete by end of Q1.
  7. We are moving from XML via emails to web services as a way to sync data between our server and clients. Expected in Q1.
  8. We are expanding our documentation of Best Practices and looking to provide links to documentation on all our alerts. When we tell you about a data entry issue we want to point you to documentation explaining the correct way to do it. Looking to introduce video also this year starting Q3.
  9. 2012 will bring a lot of focus to CRMs. We hope to try to standardize how data is stored across the CRMs we support. Currently Compass, Goldmine, MSCRM, SalesChain, SalesLogix and Soaring. Hoping to add support for SalesForce but not certain yet. By Q3 we hope to bring the same level of analysis to sales numbers that we currently bring to technicians. In Q2 we will be testing automating Sales Process Training.
  10. We are expanding our initial install check. This is where we look for all the standard data entry issues we see that cause problems with reporting. From techs entering milometer readings instead of miles, to calls not rescheduled correctly to list of codes that make no sense.
  11. We are expanding our warranty process to have manufacture specific versions of alerts. Lexmark for example will compensate for labor used on a call. Q3. Also planning to start forum posts on each manufacturer to share best practices.
  12. We get asked many times to come up with a President Report and it is on the road map for this year, big project but fairly low on our list so uncertain when we will get there.
  13. We are looking to support PrintFleet as well as FM Audit, again on the road map for this year but no timeframe yet.
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