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11.21.2016 FindMile is no longer an option, they could not make it a viable business model.

"FindMile specializes in creating custom reports for companies that reimburse Field Service Personnel for mileage expenses. As a result of our eAutomate integration, any service company can automatically produce accurate and verified mileage reports for timely employee reimbursement. Reports can be produced for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reimbursement schedules and may be customized as to mileage rates, time periods and commute miles. Simplify your mileage program and take control of your expenses with FindMile. See savings of 10-40% in your mileage expense."

CEO Juice are now automating this process and looking at additional alerts off the data, however there is an install fee of $500 to FindMile for each new client + $500 annually for each 20 technicians. So if you have 13 technicians $1000 year one and $500 each year after, 24 technicians is $1,500 year one and $1,000 after. Fees paid to FindMile to cover ongoing costs for Geo Look ups etc.

This may even be a good option if you have company cars or existing GPS technology. Determining what the travel cost linked to a contract should be based on what FindMile says versus how the tech drove or recorded may give better data on contract profit.

We're reviewing the process and taking questions on this webinar.

See attachment for more details.


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    Mike Ehlers

    Gary if we go with find mile thru ceojuice is the $900 the only fee? so is there no ongoing fee except the ceo juice?

    Also, has findmile have any issues with not finding an address? Thanks Mike

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    Juice Support

    Mike, I'm not sure on issues with finding addresses but I believe if the address is not in MapQuest then it won't find it. There would just be the one time $900 fee then included in the usual Juice monthly payment. However, there is an upfront fee we have to pay so we want to ensure it has value and people would want it at that $900 rate otherwise we are wasting our money.

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    Mike Ehlers

    I have no problem with the $900 upfront fee if we go forward. I was wondering if they could do a test run to on a prior month to see what my %of bad addresses is and how we can handle that or how big a problem that might be.  We do live in the sticks!!!  Also, it would be helpful to hear how they handle tech concerns and how techs are believing or validating the data.

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