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2016 is a big year for sales and marketing processes. We are reselling HubSpot and are pushing data from eAutomate to HubSpot, more here. We are also doing a lot of CRM specific alerts, starting with Compass which over 50% of our client base use, more here. We also have built a process to help you focus on customers not using all of your services, more here.

As we focus on helping our clients improving their customer satisfaction levels tracking how many of your new sales came from referrals is an important metric, more.

Our process to show you what benchmarks a well run company can achieve ("The Model") has expanded significantly, more here. This is our biggest project to date with over 1500 hours but not many clients are using it yet.

Training the sales team on sales process, especially one tied in to improving your Net Promoter Score, is an area we are starting on and looking for feedback, more.

Good Profits versus Bad Profits, what’s it all about, more.

A large percentage of our clients are now tracking Net Promoter Score using our system and using NPS as a way for sales to differentiate your company, more here. We are now starting a process to measure your billing accuracy and also use that as a selling tool, more here.

We have implemented a new “Chat” feature at, for when you have a quick question like losing your password, feedback appreciated, just email us.


Email with any questions.

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