Change Orders

In v8 DGI released a new feature called 'Change Orders' that was designed to create a task ('Change Order') from a Tech using Remote Tech in the field to the admin department advising them of changes to equipment in the equipment moved to a new location, or equipment was swapped (more on THAT new v8.1 feature to come here in a day or so..). This creates a change order record (incorporate screen shot) that can be assigned to an eAutomate user, and can be tracked as incomplete / completed by CEOJuice. We see this feature as having way more potential than just remote tech notes to admin. We'd like to start creating / tracking Change Orders for any critical ACTION Required alerts that traditionally send an email. As you know, we can send an email alert...and we can watch the transaction to see if it was corrected but that's not always the best process.

We think it would be more effective  on select ACTION required alert events (in other words..someone needs to actually review/fix a transaction..not just get an email) to create Change Orders , and train clients Admin users to watch the Changes Order List for tasks not completed. This way managers can actually know that specific actionable transactions have been checked/modified/fixed. These changes orders allows eAutomate users of CEOJuice to leverage this to date little utilized feature that DGI/ECI developers (and Tech Any-Ware's team) built into the product.

So, we'd like some feedback on any existing actionable alerts that you would like to see converted to create 'Change Orders'..or any new ideas you would like to see. Of course we would create the appropriate alerts to monitor incomplete change orders so that they become manageable. We also could insert a 'completed' change order if for example an alert actually updates a record if a history of that update is desirable!


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