Service manager's coach / assistant

We notice that a lot of the service managers we deal with get tied up fighting day to day fires and can't always take time to be proactive. We also see cases where they understand what eAutomate should do for them but are not sure how to set it up. Occasionally people say "we don't know what we don't know".

We typically offer to review our Technician Activity report (ID34) with clients. This alert sends a PDF each Monday that stack ranks technician based on all those standard metrics, gross calls per day, net calls per day, average parts costs, 1st call fixes, etc. We include a custom report that can be run from eAutomate so you can drill down into the details. However there are many pieces to this puzzle and sometimes it is a daunting task fixing things as you don't know where to start. There are so many pieces that need to be in place correctly. We often find dealers that don't have inventory locked up, techs stealing parts where they can get them, no structure to how often car stocks are counted, let alone having an automated process setup mins and maxes for each tech's warehouse. Then ensuring reschedule calls are entered correctly, call types categorized correctly, call back parameter set up at the model level etc. Maybe even show what equipment technicians are qualified to work on.

We also notice that we regularly tell clients about the same contracts that are losing money each month and it seems to us that while our information is great, it's tough to find the time to put an action plan together for these.

A lot of the time I feel everything needs to start with a good technician bonus program that will get some focus on the numbers and force you to verify the accuracy. We have a suggested one here.

We are adding a VP of Service to our team. This person's job would be to be the "Administrative Assistant" for your VP of Service/Service Manager. They would take direction and then go off and set everything up correctly, we envision them going to your owner and VP of Service and saying, If we increase carstock inventory by $1,500 per tech, net after we return some stale inventory, we believe we can reduce response times by X hours and net the company $Y. Once approved they make the necessary changes in eAuto, turn on any needed alerts, suggest any changes to the tech bonus plan and report back.

We envision a quarterly review meeting where we look at all the service numbers and each individual tech's performance. We hope your service manager would review with us before hire/fire decisions.

This would all be handled remotely and you would still use companies like ProsElite Group for that onsite hand holding or BEI services for territory management and tech bonus.

This program will be included in our Juice+ service, this service is $1,500 per month and so costs up to $1,000 more per month than our current plan, pricing here. It is also a month to month contract so you have the option to switch to Juice+ get everything cleaned up and running correctly and then switch back to our standard plan. We should note that to date no one who switched to Juice+ has switched back down (or cancelled).

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