CEO Juice and Tech AnyWare

Join Tech AnyWare and CEO Juice as we present Remote Service Manager for e-automate.
  • Date:    Friday, April 12, 2013
  • When:  12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time
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For more information, please contact Charles Erwin at

Looking forward to talking to you on Friday.

Take the Dispatch Console to the field.”


Remote Service Manager is a new product for service managers who need to easily view and manage e-automateTM service calls for their teams while in the field using a mobile device.


Managers can view key productivity reports, schedule and reassign calls, and place calls on/off hold, literally taking the dispatch console into the field.  


Powerful search capabilities enable quick drill-downs into critical, real-time call information such as call and parts history on equipment, customers and technicians.   


In addition, through a partnership with CEO Juice, Remote Service Manager will be used to view and respond to important operational alerts.


With a seamless integration into e-automate, Remote Service Manager puts all the informational power of e-automate, into the hands of the service managers in the field. 

This keeps the dealer’s service management resources close to the action and able to directly address daily challenges as they strive to not only meet, but exceed customers’ expectations for world-class service.

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