What we are working on

Once we determine that an alert/report is needed and can be built we create an alert ID for it and send a message out to everyone that looks like this;


We then build the alert that the most people have subscribed to 1st, if less than 5 clients want it we cancel and recycle the alert ID#. We typically create one new active alert per week.

We also get numerous requests for tweaks to existing alerts, the quick ones we do straight away, the others we add to a category of "Next Time We Touch" and try to knock out a bunch of updates together.

We are putting this monthly update together to give you a snapshot of what we are working on, subscribe to this post to get notified when it is updated.

You can tell where an alert is in our process from our site, alerts will start with a Status of Dev, move to Build and then to Active. The default sort on our site shows the most subscribed at the top.


Everything in the Build status is currently being worked, we work the highest subscribed Dev tickets 1st


Each alert will have a unique link to a discussion on our LinkedIn Group, feel free to promote your reason for why others should subscribe to an alert you want.



June 2015 - 5 new alerts active

May 2015 - 3 new alerts active

April 2015 - 3 new alerts active



March 2015 - 5 new alerts active



February 2015 - 4 new alerts active



January 2015 - 5 new alerts active



December 2014 - 5 new alerts active



November 2014 - 5 new alerts active



October 2014

We made the following alerts Active last month:

ID876 Missing meters alert

ID891 Eqp Record not Linked to Location Customer (Pencil-Edit)

ID469 Estimated Meter Entered for Equipment with Custom Property Set to No

ID796 Warehouses and Bins with no Activity

ID871 Top 30 alerts in your dealer group



We currently have 490 Development requests.

The top projects we are currently working on are:

ID893 - Financial Model Mapping - App and SSRS reporting we are moving to SQL Reporting Services

ID37 Tweaks

ID62 - Tweak for James

ID612 - Update Service Message With NPS Detractor Info

ID885 - New Leases Created

ID90 - Upgrades and Bugfix

ID34 - SSRS version

ID840 - Change to trigger once on the call upon opening and not repeat until X to due time if still assigned to unavailable tech

ID469 Alert to trigger on Custom Attribute at equipment level set to 'NO" for AllowMeterEstimate and an estimated meter reading is created

ID629 - Task

ID388 - Sales order open on contract with low profit

ID717 - Unapplied AR Payment


September 2014

We made the following alerts Active last month:

ID633 BEI Subscribers Import of their Dealer Model Export spreadsheet for CBC Override

ID641 Billing account codes change audit

ID343 Backordered item received on open sales order

ID638 Audit Report of Bill Code Records

ID886 Summary showing emails collected on Orders

ID888 Call not Linked to Contract


We currently have 486 Development requests.

The top projects we are currently working on are:

In wrap and next to be out-

ID876 -  Missing Meter Alert

ID572 - Adding advanced logging so we can track when it is not running etc.

ID612 -  Update Service message with NPS Detractor info

ID231 - Warehouse Activity for all warehouses

ID557 - Tweak - monthly survey summary

ID388 -  Sales Order open on contract with low profit

Currently working on

ID900 - SBA Model Report, reporting numbers monthly

ID37 - Excel Dispatch Board Refresh

ID840 - Tweak - change to trigger once on a call upon opening and not repeat if tech unavailable

ID880 - Warehouse /Item min max effectiveness report

ID72 - Several Tweaks

ID717 - Unapplied AR Payment

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