Logo, fonts and Colors: Customizing Emails to your Customers

We can add a logo or match a signature block on emails that are sent to your customers, as well as color/font customizations in the body of the email.

Email all details to with the exact format/details of how it should look, and reference the alert ID# that you want the changes applied to. Below are details of what we require.


Logo Requirements:

All Customer facing alerts, excludes ID470

Format: PNG, JPG or GIF are acceptable file formats for all alerts. 

Size: No larger than 150 pixels (max approx. 100-150 x 300 size)

For ID470 only:

Format: JPG or PNG

Size: No larger than 85 pixels


**We have to use a URL reference instead of embedding the image into the email to your customer. By default, Outlook will not automatically download images that are references to a URL, which is something that can only be addressed client-side in Outlook.**


Fonts & Color Schemes: 

Can be customized to your specifications. You will need to provide the exact font name, Custom Color/Shade Numbers (RGB Red/Green/Blue) to match your branding.

Example of a customized ID181 service call update email



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