Logos, Fonts, and Colors: Customizing Emails Sent to Your Customers

We can add logos or match a signature block on emails that are sent to your customers, as well as customize fonts and colors in the body of the email.

Email all details to with the exact format and details of how it should look, and reference the alert ID number that you want the changes applied to. Below are details of what we require.


Logo Requirements:

All customer-facing alerts except ID470:

Format: PNG, JPG or GIF. 

Size: We can adjust as needed. Stretching small logos can cause distortion.

For ID470, the logo must be in JPG format.


Fonts & Color Schemes: 

Both can be customized to your specifications. You will need to provide the exact font name, Custom Color/Shade Numbers (RGB Red/Green/Blue) to match your branding, i.e. #00308F or 0, 48, 143.

This is an example of a customized ID181 service call update email.



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