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We have a large supply of custom reports available at no charge (to see the list go to and change Output Type to Custom Report). Custom Reports are listed in the Report Console as shown below: 


* Note: The Custom Reports folder is intended for just CEO Juice Reports, there is no need to move ECi Reports into the Custom Reports folder. As we install Custom Reports for you, we will save them in that Custom Reports folder.

Shared Folder EA Setup:

We suggest setting up a shared folder for your custom reports; this shared Custom Report folder enables CEOJuice to install your custom reports in the same location each time a new custom report is requested by your organization. Having a shared folder for custom reports also ensures that all users have access to these reports as soon as they are installed. We ask that you set up the Custom Reports options so as to direct to a shared network folder (via UNC path) enabling all of your eAuto users to access the same Custom Reports.

To set up this UNC path, please go to Tools/Options/Reports:


(1) Check the box for "Use report in custom reports folder if it exists" 

(2) Use Alternate Custom Reports Path –please list UNC shared folder from your network (i.e. \\SERVER\Custom Reports) 

 Then COPY all the contents of the c:\program files\e-automate\customreports folder to the new shared reports folder.

eAuto users will need to log out and back in again to access these changes. Once you set that up on one client, it will automatically work for everyone, but only after they restart their e-automate client. 

Shared Folder Not Used:

If you do not set up a shared Custom Reports folder, any custom report installed by CEO Juice will need to be copied to each individual user's custom reports folder. When not using the shared custom reports folder, your settings in Tools / Options / Reports will look like this:


With no alternate custom reports path set, the EA client will look to the following folder on each user's desktop for the custom report:


**You may need to create a folder called "Custom Reports" if it doesn't already exist. Any custom report installed by CEO Juice would need to be copied from the custom reports folder on the server to each individual user's folder for the report to be available in EA.


Troubleshooting Access to Custom Reports:


If you have shared Custom Reports and a user is still not able to find/see, first check that the user has rights to Custom Reports in eAdmin.

Second, please check that the user doesn't have Reports UNC path overridden at their own eAuto client level.

Verify by selecting Tools / Client Settings / Reports. These should be blank, there should be no check mark by 'Override system report settings':



Folder Settings

Folder Settings for Shared Access:

The Custom Reports folder will need to be “shared” (if you have not already done this): 

(Be sure to give CEOJuice read/write access to this folder so we can place our custom reports directly into this folder. If we do not have this access to the shared reports folder, we will copy the custom report to a folder on the server and then you will need to copy the report over to the shared folder.)
















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