Analytics - Post Install Instructions

Following are the steps you will need to perform to complete an Analytics database install...

  1. Open up E-Agent and make sure you add/update the “Auto Update Batch Extended Tables” task and enable the “Analytics Tables” update.  This task should be set to run every night off peak hours and before 2:00am.  Allow about 45 minutes for it to run. 

    Analytics Eagent Batch Update.jpg
  2. Save and open the zip file named “Eviews Executable for Analytics” (attached to this post).  You will want to extract the eviews.exe file from the appropriate subfolder based on what e-automate version of e-automate you are currently running.  After extracting, copy that eViews.exe into each users e-automate folder to replace their existing eViews.exe.
    *NOTE: If you are running Windows 7, you will need to run the new eviews.exe as Administrator.  To do this, right click on the eviews.exe file and chose "Run as Administrator".  You will only need to this this once and can run eviews normally from that point forward.
  3. Save and open the zip file named “” (attached to this post) and copy the contents into each users (who will be using Analytics) e-automate Reports folder OR copy it into your network shared e-automate Reports folder.
    1. Normally found in C:\Program Files\e-automate\Reports
    2. This is the Reports folder, not Custom Reports.

 **If you have trouble downloading the attached zip files referenced in steps 2 and 3, please let us know and we will copy them to an accessible location on your network.

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