BCC your alerts to a Mailbox (i.e. ceojuice@ account)

We generate a lot of emails and work hard to not spam you. We often see clients copy themselves to be sure an alert is running correctly and for the 1st couple of times it runs it is a good idea. However, once you are comfortable it's running okay, take yourself off. Then if you need to check something, especially emails that go to your customers or technicians, log in and search for it.

We suggest a mailbox of that we will auto copy all emails to, we will copy to this address by default unless you tell us different. Note this is a User Mailbox, not a Distribution List.

(The mailbox can be an alias, but it shouldn't be an alias to a user's mailbox; otherwise that user will get inundated with alerts.)

If you use Outlook as your email client you can add a 2nd account and make it very easy to login and check.



Do remember to set up a rule to auto archive/delete items so the mailbox does not fill up.


All our alerts will have the ID# at the end of our email, it is easy to search for any alert by just putting the ID# in the subject.



You can also review alert by alert and exclude alerts reviewed by using a minus sign or a minus sign and quotes.


The search above would exclude results for ID87 and any results that include - survey 109

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