Understanding Roles

In our ongoing effort to increase the efficiency in how you “subscribe” to our alerts library as well as increase the flexibility our alerts need in regards to “who” within your organization an alert should be targeted to, we will be updating over the next few months all our alerts to start utilizing “Roles” within your organization.

Currently, there are only a few true roles within E-automate, and they are supported in the employee file (Technician, Purchaser, SalesPerson, Manager).  And those control very specific functionality within the eautomate product. Eautomate also supports Security levels for users thru e-Admin, and those might be construed as the role(s) a person might fill withing a company. But neither of these fulfill what we see as Line Manager and Staff Managers within an organization.

Line and Staff management have two separate hierarchies.  (1) Line Manager is “a person who heads a revenue-generating department and is reponsible for achieving an organization’s main objectives by executing functions such as policy making, target setting, and decision making”.  (2) Departments are revenue consumers, and their managers (Staff Managers) are responsible for activities that support line functions (such as accounting, maintenance, pesonnel management) . While both hierarchies have their own chains of command, staff managers would report up to a line manager. 

Now that your properly impressed with our ability to Google “Line manager”, let’s get down to explaining how we think these two management roles apply within a typical dealership.  Let’s make it clear that it is more likely than not that you will have managers within your organization who fill multiple roles,  and our logic will support that as we apply Role logic to our appropriate alerts & reports within our services.

We have arrived at what we think is the definitive, complete, absolutely perfect list of management roles we see within a dealership.  Which means we have tried to generalize up to the highest common denominator while achieving an appropriate level of granularity. There, that should make this all sufficiently clear!!

The alerting system will be identifying “who” within your company fulfills each of the roles, and you will see a new series of checkboxes when subscribing to our alerts as they are made “Role Aware”.  This will be accomplished using the Contact records within eautomate that you will create for your managers, and the Titles you use when associating a contact to your “Branch” customer records (the actual customer record(s) you created that are your office locations).  It is thru this association of Contacts to the Branch locations that will enable our alerts to identify the appropriate manager to notify at the specific branch based upon the branch the transaction is related to.  If you have only one branch, you will still utilize this Contact Title relationship to your branch locations if you want to take advantage of the “Role Awareness” feature.  This methodology also means you’ll be able to easily update the person(s) our role aware alerts go to by simply reassigning/assigning the appropriate Title to the contact for the appropriate branch.

** Please see THIS LINK on how to set up these Branch Roles in eAuto

We are expanding this list to include;


Z Branch Sales Mgr
Z Branch Service Mgr
Z Branch Contract Mg
Z Branch Warehouse Mgr
Z Branch Operations Mgr
Z Branch Supply Inventory Mgr
Z Branch Parts Inventory Mgr
Z Branch Survey Mgr
Z Branch Receivables Mgr
Z Branch Payables Mgr


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