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Time card entries are designed to track times when technicians are not at calls. If you want to be able to tell if a tech is working a full day then we need to account for all time other than time en route to a customer or at a customer (screwdriver time).

Typical unavailable codes would be:


Unavailable codes should only be set for times that the tech is not available to take service calls, so if a tech is in-house doing some admin work, then he/she is really available to take service calls. We suggest unavailable as Vacation/Sick/Other/Training, but other time entries (admin, misc, etc) are not flagged as unavailable.




If an Activity Code assigned to a Category that has “UnAvailable” checked is used in the timecard entry for a technician, then eautomate and our reports will see the tech as unavailable for service calls for the duration of that activities start/end datetime.  This means in eautomate that if a call comes in and the “due” time on the call falls inside of an unavailable timecard entry (or service hours entry) for the technician assigned to the equipment, then eautomate will try to assign that tech's “Backup” technician to the call. Also, our technician productivity report will not count those hours against his/her “productive hours”. 

One another note regarding our Technician Productivity Report (ID204)and these unavailable entries, we look for the Category to match exactly “Vacation”, “Sick”, “Training”, “Holiday”, “Lunch” to break out into those details on the report. Any other “unavailable” category activities will fall into the “Other” column.

**Please also see THIS LINK for an overview on Time Card Entries and Remote Tech Integration

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