Yield = 1

ID90 is our parts warranty process, it checks 3 conditions - if a part meets days, core return and click yield. In order for it to check clicks all items must have a yield set up.

ID189 will remind you on any items that do not have a yield set, however as we have no way to differentiate between items that would have a "click warranty" and items that do not we ask that you set a yield of 2 on the items that do not have a click warranty, this will stop them showing on our ID189 report. We suggest a "2" as often items get a "1" by default which we usually reset.

When we take on a new client we check to see how many of the existing items have a yield set as we have discovered that many clients have set items with a yield of 1 by mistake. We often discover that of all items that have a yield set the vast majority have a yield of 1, we then question if that 1 is accurate. One option would be to research all items with a 1 to see if that 1 is accurate but we feel it is less work to start fresh with a clean slate. We therefore will suggest we reset all these 1s to zeros so you can start from scratch. More details at

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