ID320 - Sales Rep Assignment Source Explanation

We have many alerts that need to go to the Equipment Sales Rep. As there are typically more supply sales than equipment sales we suggest the best practice is to keep the customer record updated with the Supply Sales Rep (If you have one). Many companies just keep the sales rep information updated in their CRM.

Regardless not every client is assigning their SalesReps to the eAutomate customer record for various reasons which means we cannot determine from eAutomate the SalesRep to send alerts to on an account. 

We therefore created our own mapping tables that we will update with the SalesRep information from the source you identify in VariableW on ID320. We will need to know where your database is and if on a separate server than eAuto, then we will need a login into that server with access to the database. 

Of course this is predicated on that source being hosted within your local windows domain and accessible from the eAutomate SQL Server. So unfortunately anything hosted on the cloud we can't access. To work around cloud hosting, Compass would need to open up SQL access, but you will need to give Compass permission to do so.

Updating from Compass to eAuto:

1.The ERP number in Compass for the account must match the Customer Number in eAuto.  Please note our process pulls the the sales rep from the Parent Account and maps it to all the locations of that account, so please check the rep assignment on the Parent Account.

2. The rep email in Compass MUST match the email in Sales Rep' Employee Record in eAuto in order for the update to occur.

Note:  ERPNumbers have to match and Rep emails have to match, exactly.  There is no sync to update reps info.  

If you are assigning your SalesReps to the eAutomate customer record, then put eAutomate in VariableW and we will pull the SalesRep from the customer record for the mapping. We will use the SalesRep information on this new table for when the alert is for the account manager(s) assigned to the account (volume changes / excessive calls / lease expirations / etc) We also have the option for you to indicate if you want this alert to update your eAutomate Customer records and change the SalesRep assigned in eAuto to match the CRM's rep assignment. If you want us to do that, you would put "Update" in Variable Y on ID320. (We will always run this in Test Mode first so can be comfortable with the updates first.)

If you have multiple sales reps per customer (Document Management, MPS etc.) email and we will explain how to handle this.


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