Who Updated an e-automate Record, Updater OR Last Person to Click OK

CEO Juice has a few alerts that report on changes to critical e-automate data. Many clients want to know who made the changes, and while we can show who the 'last updater' was, we can't guarantee that person made the change. The last updater is the last person to view that record and click the OK button. When our alerts send output, they pull the last updater record from the e-automate tables only.

For example, John modifies a record at 11 AM, changing some key information. e-automate shows John as the last updater. Susie opens that same record in edit mode at 2 PM, makes no change but clicks OK as she exits. e-automate now shows Susie as the last updater. Our alert runs at 4 PM and will report the changes made to the item record, however, it will show Susie as the updater. The chances that two or more people might open the same record between when our alert runs are slim, but possible.

Another example, the customer address is updated on the customer record. That change is pushed down to the equipment record. The customer record was updated by Susie. The last user to click ok on the equipment record was Beth, who's no longer with the company. The list of changes to equipment records would note Beth as the user who updated the record, not Susie. e-automate made a change to one table based on changes made to another table but does not cross-post the UpdatorID field. 

Alerts that use 'last updater' are:

ID82 - New Customer Record created

ID83 - New Vendor Record created

ID84 - New Item Record created

ID139 - Daily Summary of New Customer Records Created over last 24 hours

ID168 - New Model Record created

ID169 - New Record & Changes to Existing, Item Records

ID174 - New Record & Changes to Existing, Contract Records

ID325 - New Record & Changes to Existing, Customer Records

ID444 - New Contact Records created

ID611 - New Record & Changes to Existing, Equipment Records

ID707 - New Record & Changes to Existing, Vendor Records







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