Who updated a record, Updator, or last person to click OK

Quite a few of our alerts will tell you about changes to critical eAutomate data, such as ID169 for changes to Items and ID174 changed to contract records. Many clients want to know who made the changes and while we can show who the Updator was we can't guarantee they made the change. The Updator is simply the last person to view that item and click OK. When the alert fires, it is pulling the last updator record in the eAuto tables.

An example could be that John modifies an item at 11AM, changes some key information. Suzie edits the item at 2PM, makes no change but clicks okay as she exits. Our alert runs at 4PM, will show the changes made to the item and show Suzie as the Updator. The chances that 2 or more people might view the same item between when our alert runs are slim but real.

Use ID221 to be notified of eAutomate Users not set up correctly

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