Branch Roles versus Application Settings

eAutomate has a People section where you can set up a manager for each employee. Unfortunately it is a One to One relationship so each person can only have one manager. When we looked at implementing Branch Roles we realized that there would be occasions where one person did several roles at the same branch, as well as times when one branch might have multiple people for the same role. Branch A is a large branch and has 3 Service Managers while the smaller Branch B has one person who is the Service Manager and the Warehouse Manager. In eAuto/People each employee can only belong to one branch.

If our alert is Branch Role aware you will see additional boxes


To clarify, the "Application Settings" below, send based on a transaction;


The Technician would be the tech on that specific call while we would look in the eAutomate People file to see who their manager is.

Branch Roles however are not tied to a transaction.

For the selection you will see that i.e our Parts Warranty alert this client has checked 4 boxes;

We will look in the service call to see who the technician is, we will look in eAutomate/People to see who the tech manager is.

The Branch Service Manager and Branch Warehouse Manager are defined roles and while the Tech Manager may be the same as the Branch Service Manager that will not always be the case (maybe a Field Supervisor).

More on setting up Branch Roles here.

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