Multiple database logins

For clients that want us to report from multiple e-Automate databases there are a couple of points to consider. 1st we need access to both databases, we also charge more as it effectively doubles our workload..

Our clients log in to our website at The login needs to be a valid email address as we send updates on when an alert is installed to that login email. For our system to know which database you are requesting a change to, you need a different email for both databases. If your 2nd database is a different company with a different URL then we suggest you use that email domain. Otherwise create a new email, perhaps is your normal and the new might be Then have your 2nd email set to forward to the primary.

When you subscribe to an alert in the new 2nd database you can use normal emails, however if you might have a problem identifying which database the email is from consider having the "from" address in the style.

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