Setting specific cost levels for larger customers

If you would like a specific customer to receive an item at cost plus 10% (for example) you would need to manage that as a price level set to cost x 1.10 and then associate which items are eligible for this price level.  Lastly, you need to associate the specific customer to that price level.

E-Automate supports this but it is important to note that to support all possible permeations It requires a good bit of setup and maintenance.  It is not suggested to have E-Automate assume customers get all items at that price, therefore it requires you to tell it which items are actually eligible for that price.

Special pricing is a nice feature to give to large customers, but it comes at a management cost in the ERP system.  Hopefully, if you offer special cost plus pricing to other customers you use the same price level for all; otherwise you’re doing a ton of special pricing for each special customer for all your price level variations, which as you can imagine takes up valuable time.

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