Troubleshooting v2 analytics update issues

NOTE [2015.04.08]: IF ANALYTICS IS INSTALLED ON YOUR JUICEBOX you do not need to act on anything below. DGI has asked us to support their product and our monitoring should have already made us aware of any issues. If you have concerns that we might have missed something please reach out to (best thing to do is forward the ID459 alert output containing this link) and ask for an update.


THE BELOW ASSUMES that you're seeing matching or nearly-matching dates for 'last processed' and last successfully updated'. If you're seeing, for instance, that the process is still firing nightly as it should but that 'last successfully updated' is several days old you probably have a corrupted analytics DB. The solution you need to try is to Reset all analytics data using the da_configure executable (there should be a shortcut available from the desktop of the server where analytics is installed). Reach out to us for instructions or help if you need it.


If ID459 triggers to let you (or us) know that your analytics tables are not updating properly, the culprit is usually the Service which fires the table update. This service is installed on the server where you installed the analytics package (usually your production server, that's our recommendation) and every evening/early morning fires the executable which does the work of posting new and changed transactional data into the analytic tables. To find the service on that server so that you can check it, follow the steps below:

1) Open the Services window using one of the two methods below.






2) Find the service named 'da_dataprocessservice' and open it. Confirm it is Started (or Start it if not by right-clicking), then open it by double-clicking.




3) NOTE [2015.04.08]: Most-recent versions of the analytics package do not require specified credentials as described below. If you're not sure you're on most-recent reach out to us at and we'll dig up that info for you. Move to the 'Log On' tab and confirm that the Service is passing a credential set, not using the Local System Account. This credential set needs to have admin privileges on the server. If you have added these credentials, it will be necessary to Stop and re-Start the Service (right click from main Services screen to Stop, again to Start).





If after completing these steps you find no issues, please contact and we will connect with you via gotomeet to troubleshoot further. If you have Started a Stopped service or re-set the credentials and ID459 continues to advise of problems also please contact us for additional support. Thanks,




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