Is my alert Active or inactive

When you subscribe to an alert on our website our system pushes that data out to your office and updates it into the server we access. The majority of our alerts are "AutoDeploy" meaning that within 30 minutes of clicking subscribe on our website they should be live for you. Any alert that emails a PDF will have to be manually installed, as will alerts that require custom properties in eAutomate etc.

When you are logged in to our site you can see which alerts are subscribed and installed by filtering with 'Subscribed' and 'Active' to YES:

You can also use this search to see alerts you are subscribed to that are not installed: 


When you review any that might be listed 1st check the Output Status:


Anything other than a Status of Active means the alert is not ready for general release.

If you view the details of your alert subscription, you should see notes in 'Activation Status' box explaining why the delay: 


If you're not clear on a status then email or


We suggest you have an email account that gets copied on all alerts, something like We can copy all alerts to this email address and then when you need to see when something last triggered etc. you just login to that mailbox. 


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