Tracking Information pushed in for Drop Ship Orders using PO Processor:

Our alert ID200 will send an email to your customer when an order has shipped and include a link they can click to track the package (can also have a survey link). Many dealers will have supplies dropped shipped direct from the distributor and if you are using PO Processor we can typically send an email with tracking information on these orders as well as your regular shipment orders

Click this link for more on ECIs PO Processor

As a sales order can have multiple "shipments" the tracking information is stored in the shipment record.


 PO Processor must be set up correctly for this to work.

  1. “Add SO Shipments” dropdown must have “Yes” selected. **It's fine if you receive the PO in eAutomate, but you should not create the shipment. For the shipment record to have the tracking number added, you must create the shipment in PO Receiver.**
  2. The PO must have an associated SO

You can link the Purchase Order and Sales Order in a few different ways:

A. When creating a new Purchase Order, click on the Link button:


In the Items section, select the sales order items you want to link:


B. You can also link the items on a Purchase Order back to a Sales Order after the Purchase Order has been created by editing the purchase order item and then clicking on the link button:


C. You can also create the Purchase Order from the Sales Order by right-clicking on the Sales Order and choosing the Create Purchase Order option. This will create a PO from the items on the Sales Order and automatically link them.

**Once the links are created between the Purchase Order and the Sales Order they are very hard to break so make sure you are linking the correct items**

  1. The “Ship To” radio button on the PO’s Order/Shipping tab in e-automate must have “Customer” selected
  2. The PO and SO must have the same Ship To Street, City, State, and Zip.ScreenClip.png


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