ID765 - Request Online Recommendation from your Customer Overview & Sample

Request Online Recommendation from your Customer

This alert is only for people using the Net Promoter Score question "How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague". If someone responds to the question (on any and all of your surveys containing the question) and scores you 10 out of 10 PLUS they take the time to post a comment then then are very likely big fans of yours. This alert would send them an automated email with "glad you like our service, we would love it if you would click this link to recommend us on our LinkedIn company page" or Facebook, Yelp, Google -- whatever your company platform is.

We suggest the from email address be your CEO/President or senior management. We can customize the alert and make the email look exactly like the one that you would send to your clients.

The default set up will trigger when someone rates you a 10 AND adds a comment. Note we can tweak this to trigger on a 10 only (no comment required), or 9 and 10. It will email every time they submit a response as long as the requirements are met, but let us know if they should only ever get one email ever.

We will run it in test mode first (not to your customers) and only send to the email listed in the BCC of the subscription. Add your email to receive the samples. 

There is an end of day summary showing which clients were sent an email from you asking to post feedback on your selected social media site. The summary goes to people listed in the To/Cc. 

More on NPS here

Below is an example of our template: 


A recent comment was that we should add multiple links so that if a person is not on Yelp they can choose Facebook etc. The upside is your positive feedback is spread all over the place versus all in one area, the downside is that if a person does not have a Yelp account, they might not bother to leave feedback. Thoughts?

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    Instead of having multiple links in the email, I would prefer to have 2 or 3 email variants with a different platform requested in each. Only 1 of the variants would be sent out each time, and they would cycled each time it is sent.

    The purpose of breaking it into different emails is that it makes the request simpler and mitigates the risk of confusion. If it looks like too much work or is at all confusing then it will likely hurt the response rate pretty badly. Multiple links in the same email might have the affect of both - looking like too much work AND confusing.

    The purpose of spreading reviews to multiple platforms is because there is no single resource that people use and there never will be. Yes, it's important to have a heavy presence in your market's primary resource, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the rest. Personally, I'd love to have our positive feedback "spread all over the place". Can't put all of your eggs in one basket...

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