Adding Custom Properties to an eView

Here are instructions for adding a Custom Property to an eView.

First logon to eViews and select the eView you want the custom property to show on.  Next select 'Customize' on the top left.

From there you will need to select 'Import New Columns' towards the bottom right


Once you select that a new window will open up.  From there you will want to select the first drop down 'Source' and change it from Linked Views to Custom Properties.  (If you want to pull in existing fields within eAutomate that show on another view but not the one you are interested in you can leave it as Linked Views, then select the other view it currently shows on and import it into the view you have selected).  


Once you have selected Custom Properties all of your current custom properties should show in the window.  Simply select which one you are looking to add to that eView and select Ok.  Then move that new custom property to the left side so that it shows on the 'Selected Columns' list by highlighting it on the right side (Unselect Columns) and clicking on the left arrow in the middle of the two lists.  You can then rearrange the sort order as you see fit.  


It is also a good idea to go to the second tab 'Filters' and select 'Sync With Columns' towards the bottom right.  Now you can filter using that custom property as well.


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