Adding Custom Properties to an eView:

Here are instructions for adding a Custom Property to an eView:

See THIS LINK for Customizing eViews.


First logon to eViews and select the eView you want the custom property to show on.

Next select 'New' on the top left (this creates a custom eView):


(1) Assign name of your choice for eView and then select (2) OK:


You will then be taken to the eView, but select 'Edit':


Then select 'Import new columns':


Then select Source of 'Custom Properties':


**Not all eViews have Custom Properties available in the Linked Views drop-down list, for example, starting from the view Service Equipments will give you the option to add any of the custom properties set at the equipment level. The view Service Equipment Statuses will not show the Custom Properties as an option in the Linked Views dropdown.**

You will then see available Custom Properties, select Apply:


Then select Custom Property you wish to add to your eView and then select OK:


You will need to (1) highlight the Custom Property to move it from (2) Unselected to Selected Columns:


Be sure to also go to 'Filters' tab to 'Sync with columns'. This ensures your filter options when running the eView match the Columns selected for your eView:



If you have a view that you want to import a custom property to, but the custom properties option is not available in the drop-down, there is a workaround to get the custom property to your view:

1. Find a view that has the custom property option available, for example, Service Equipments for equipment custom properties. Create a new view and import the needed custom properties. In this example, we are pulling the custom property ZCJRepCost501 to the report. We create a new view based off of the view Service Equipments. Once that view is created, we import a column to the view:


2. Go to the view you want to import the custom property to and import a new column. Use the linked view drop-down to pick the linked view that you imported the custom property to in step 1. In our example, we added the custom property to the Service Equipments view, so that's what we pick from the linked views list:


3. The custom property will show as a column to import. In our example, this is the custom property ZCJRepCost501:


 4. Click OK to import the column to your view.

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