Survey response from confused customer

We often hear "the customer meant to give us a 10 but picked 1 by mistake, can you fix please".

That's a slippery slope we decided not to venture down for several reasons.
We don’t think we should head down the path of trying to second-guess what the customer was really thinking. The question is about as simple as it could be and you will never know if they are simply uncomfortable with being “called out” on their answer. Once you start down that path then where do you stop, not to mention if we are the “keepers of the numbers” for NPS for copier dealers what resources would be needed to investigate every claim. 
Rather than questioning the whole NPS system that just about every major corporation on the planet is getting behind, we placed a post on the NPS forum below and highlighted this comment from Cox as I think it sums things up. Note his point that errors work both ways. 
Is it tweaking our cheating, click here for LinkedIn NPS discussion.
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Armand Barone

Director of Customer Experience at Cox Communications

I agree with Jeffrey. As with any survey research, response error occurs. However, in aggregate and over time, the story should be clear. The top performers are on top and the poor performers on the bottom. As noted in your first post, it is a very slippery slope and would recommend not pursuing. Remember, errors work both ways, will you offer a second survey to customers who gave a high score on accident? Of course, I doubt you will hear about these errors.

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