Getting Started with CEO Juice

To get up and running with CEO Juice is a very painless process, requiring very little from our clients, we can have alerts up and running within a day of your go ahead and without you investing much time (30 minutes with your IT person and an hour discussing what processes to start with).

See this link for pricing.

See why it's risk free here. See what our clients say about us here.

The contract is month to month and can be cancelled at any time, cancel in the 1st 60 days and we will refund any payments made.

If ready to install our software click this link.

See here for a list of the typical alerts we suggest you focus on first.

Start looking for spreadsheets where you track information and let's see if we can automate that, keep a notepad just for examples of problems that arise and see what processes we can put in place to help. If there is a place you record customer service issues try to keep a list of those and again see what we can do to help.



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