CEO Juice Pricing

See here for a how to get started on the Juice guide.

Our pricing is based on the number of e-Automate user licenses you have, this does not include Remote Tech or other licenses. Pricing is for a Single EAutomate Database [Company] more. Return on investment information here.

The larger a company the more demand they put on our resources and we use the number of EA Licenses as the best factor in determining a company's size, it has no relationship to the number of users of our software.

10 Users or less is $500 per month

12 or less is $600 per month

15 or less is $650 per month

20 or less is $750 per month

30 or less is $1,000 per month

40 or less is $1,500 per month

50 or less is $2,000 per month

75 or less is $2,500 per month

100 or less is $3,000 per month

150 or less is $3,500 per month

200 or less is $4,000 per month

250 or less is $4,500 per month

300 or less is $5,000 per month

350 or less is $5,500 per month

400 or less is $6,000 per month

450 or less is $6,500 per month

NOTE The pricing above assumes we have a LogMeIn connection, we charge a 20% premium for clients who want us to connect via desktop sharing.

Once up and running with CEO Juice adding additional EA users in the future will not result in a price increase, our pricing is based on the number of licenses you have when you sign up.

See here for our Survey Only pricing which is $1,000 per year.

Our fee includes software, you do not need Digital Task Force (DTF).

We offer a Juice+ program which is priced at an additional $1,000 per month for 50 or less user licenses, details here.

With all programs (except survey only) there is a $1,500 installation fee.

Our contract is month to month, cancel in the 1st 60 days and we will refund any payments you have made.

While our contract offers the option to purchase our software at any time for $6,000, keep any alerts in place and just pay ongoing maintenance at $995 per year, this is really not a viable option and no client has exercised it, more.

1st payment is due when our software is up and running, the 60 day refund policy is from when our software is live. Our system will email a reminder.

See here for DTF versus our services.

Our UPS/Fedex Integration is a one time charge of $1090 with no ongoing fees. You do not need to be a Juice client to get this. It’s an additional $75 to ‘map’ each additional workstations.

If two clients merge we check to see what the total combined eAuto license count is and then adjust our price based on that. However that’s based on us now having a single client running a single set of alerts. When we have two clients merge but they want us to continue reporting as though they were two clients then we leave pricing the same.

Getting Started with CEO Juice

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