CEO Juice pricing - Survey Only Program

Our fee for the Service Call Survey process is an annual (non refundable) fee of $1,000 paid in advance. 

We install a lite version of the software we purchase which includes 5 tasks, an OnDemand report and an eView.

We refer to all our processes by an ID number, and the following ID numbers are included in this program:

ID109 Closed call Survey (this includes the survey request to your customer and a PDF email with responses when they respond).

ID87 Contact not created on call (Reminder to dispatch if email not collected)

ID188 Daily list of service calls showing if email collected or not

ID392 Contact Completed Multiple surveys in last X days

ID394 Export of the survey results for the week, in excel or pdf format.

We also include a custom report ID734 and an eView ID695 where you can run survey results from eAutomate.

We include a DashBoard where you can track your Net Promoter Score.


We DO NOT include the following alert IDs under this program:

ID181 To notify all customers when call is opened/Dispatched/Closed

ID470 eMail NPS Brochure

ID559 Detractor call alert

ID557 monthly report

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