CEO Juice+ Program Overview

Juice+ is a program designed for clients who want to take the CEO Juice relationship to the next level. We do not suggest any company start on this program, but it is designed for people who really want to "Get Juiced." Master our existing program first.

Juice+ clients' requests get responded to before we start on regular clients.

Juice+ clients do not wait for a process to gain traction with other users. If it's not too complicated, we build it straight away.

Juice+ clients get customization. We build it to exactly match your requirements, with a limit of 45 hours of customized development work per quarter.

We ask that you prioritize projects and give us no more than three projects at a time.

Pricing is an additional $1,150 per month.

Contract is still month to month and you can switch back to our regular program if needed.

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